The lonely ‘CTP’ existence

Ah, the wonders of working with prerelease code. 

Best practices – what best practices?  We’re still building this thing!  For an application like mine, performance is important, so what would be the ‘best practice’ approach for working with geometry at the Visual Layer?  Turns out there isn’t one – which is ok, even understandable.  Exploration is fun right? 

Recently, I came upon a post by a Microsoft developer recommending the use of a class called ‘HostVisual’ to do animation in a thread other than the UI thread.  Seems HostVisual and VisualTarget can ‘work together’ to perform what amounts to some inter-thread communication – and can somehow update the UI.  Since we know the UI can only be updated from the UI thread, this is interesting – I think I could use this type of functionality, but alas the documentation on these two is virtually nonexistent.  I requested the briefest of examples on how to achieve this, but received no response save “we’ve flagged the need to flesh out the documentation in the next version of the SDK”.  So, looks like I’m left to pick over the class hierarchy on my own, and attempt to “intuit” the usage of these classes.

I’ve got the CTP blues.


One Response to The lonely ‘CTP’ existence

  1. James Chambers says:

    Good day,
    We’re well beyond the CTP but the docs still seem very baron on this subject. Is there any chance that you’ve moved further on this topic? If you’d be so kind as to email me I’d love a chance to exchange notes.
    James Chambers

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