Looking for D2X?

Even though it’s been quite some time since I released D2X, I still seem to get requests for it trickling in.  The old codeplex project seems to have been ‘pruned’ (for inactivity, one would assume), so here’s a link to the last build I made:

D2X DWG/DXF to Xaml Conversion Toolkit

A word of warning, however – It’s been a couple of years, so the version of the ODA libraries used to read the AutoCAD formats are quite out of date.  The latest AutoCAD releases almost certainly will not be able to be converted.

I should still have the source on an old backup – I’ll post that as well when I’m able to find it.

Good Luck folks!



8 Responses to Looking for D2X?

  1. bastian says:

    Thanks a lot! There are lots of requests in different forums asking for your converter! Now it’s back 🙂

    I downloaded your Toolkit, but can’t open the “D2XLib.chm” Help file (well, it opens, but I only get errors when clicking on the topics) – do you have an uncompiled version or other documentation files?
    I took a short look an your sample app – is it possible with D2X to select several layers from an DWG/DXF file and get a XAML with Canvases for each of them?

  2. Alex says:

    Hello, Did you get I chance to find the source code? It would be very helpful to me… Thanks!

    Great tool by the way!

  3. Brad says:

    With the requests trickling in for the convert, maybe it is well known enough to post back on codeplex so that those of us interested in CADtoXaml(and perhaps viceversa) can help contribute to its development.


  4. Salie says:

    Please please post the code. I am sure there would be a bunch of us that would love to revive this project.

  5. Igor Kondrasovas says:


    Is this library capable of reading a DXF file and convert the DXF entitties to WPF geometries? In other words, get the Geometries, paths and segments in WPF objects.

  6. Ady says:

    Nice project! Did you find the source? Your toolkit can be of great help on an upcoming project. Very keen on the source and looking to upgrade the code as well.


    If you find the source code, you can email it to me at adnan.ali86@gmail.com

  7. Luigi says:

    Hi Fritz,

    Did you find back the source of your library ? It’d be great for me to update with recently ussied AUTOCAD versions….

    Thanks for your feedback !

  8. Wouldn’t it be awesome if everything was compatible. I would love to see the day when dell releases a version of a desktop that you can install Mac O Click https://zhoutest.wordpress.com/

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