A veteran developer’s real world adventures with Windows Presentation Foundation.


8 Responses to About

  1. Jason Gabel says:

    What have you done with D2X since the contest ended?

  2. Clif says:

    I am interested in your D2X project. Any chance you could send it my way?

  3. Bob says:

    I’ve heard good things about your dwg 2 xaml toolkit but I can’t find it anywhere. Can you send me a copy?


  4. Dan says:

    Please let us know if you DWG2XAML is still avaliable in any form.


  5. bastian says:

    As well as the previous speakers I’m very interested in your tookit! I could use it to provide xaml data for my own toolkit (part of my final thesis) – we have DWG files for our storeys and I want to create an (enriched) CityGML version of our school building to finally use it in a touchscreens application. Do you have an opensource/student version of it?

    regards, bastian

  6. woutware says:

    Hello, could you please contact me at wout@woutware.com? I have a question with respect to D2X.

    You can delete this post as soon as you’ve read it.

    Thanks in advance!


  7. Adam says:

    I’ve used yours converter. Could you send me the source code and some licence. I want to do some of new functions and it was great, if i had a code.
    Pleas send me source and licence.
    This is my email address: adam.swiatek@foonsy.com
    Thanks in advance and

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